10 Ways We Can Keep Our Patients Safer

  1.  We will observe social distancing with our seating arrangements throughout the clinics.
  2. There will be additional hand sanitizers throughout the clinics.
  3. Patient questionnaires will be modified to address COVID symptoms.
  4. Patients only will be allowed into the clinic unless accompanied by a guardian or caregiver.
  5. We prefer patients bring their own mask but if unable to, we will offer masks to patients.
  6. We will remove coffee stations and magazines from the clinics.
  7. Patient appointments will be spaced appropriately to ensure limited social exposure.
  8. Temperatures may be taken for incoming patients.
  9. Exam lanes/equipment will be extensively sanitized after every patient visit and clinics will be thoroughly cleaned twice a day.
  10. Now providing telemedicine virtual appointments. Click HERE to start using the eyecarelive app.